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Xavi Morrus: “Pure cloud providers will give proximity and capillarity”

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Datacenter Dynamics (DCD) has published an interview to Xavi Morrus, our CMO & Partner Relationship Manager. Morrus appreciates the role of public cloud providers, but considers that the support of intermediate enterprises is essential to solve certain problems.

How has the cloud and collocation sector changed over the last 10 years?

In the last years, there has been a change of colocation providers. Some of them have evolved towards cloud infrastructure services with added-value.

Some of this colocation providers have increased their portfolio with virtual infrastructure services, because they had been losing positions in comparison to the new players, 100% cloud. Most of the new players have specialized themselves in vertical solutions. This has added value to their innovative solutions.

This transformation has been caused because the IT departments have had to adjust their inversions to the real needs of their companies. Flexibility, agility, strength and security – without extra costs – have become very important. They have also had to change CAPEX to OPEX.

In today’s market there are several kinds of providers, and each one is addressed to a different sector or enterprise. At the same time, the customer has increasingly more power of negotiation, due to the proliferation of providers.


Mention 5 landmarks that have marked your enterprise in the last 10 years.

We are a young enterprise that has been born as the spin-off of the TI department of Mediapro, one of the first Spanish companies that adopted cloud solutions to improve the availability and the return on investment (ROI) of their services. We have worked from 15 years, offering services to the group and collaborating to its development.

As an internal department of Mediapro, we have worked on the digital transformation of the football broadcasting worldwide. This has changed the way we usually watch the football: from the emissions of a single match on TV to more than one match broadcasted in several platforms. Thanks to this change, we have adapted ourselves to the new reality of the cloud and collocation solutions market.

The first landmark Mediacloud achieved was related to the public administration, transforming more than 150 applications with 230 cloud IaaS and PaaS servers. This allowed us to bring all the solutions developed in the Mediapro Group to market.

The second landmark was the acquisition of the whole management of the lot 1 of Barcelona City council, including the transformation of more than 600 applications with 310 IaaS and PaaS servers. We also administrate and manage in our cloud the council’s Exange mailing platform, with more than 20,000 e-mail addresses.

The third outstanding landmark was the strategic alliance with Microsoft, that turned us to the first cloud provider with hybrid solutions. We have installed in our data center a Windows Azure Pack (WAP), which is connected with the public cloud of Azure. This allows us to offer IaaS and PaaS hybrid solutions.

Another important landmark was the strategic alliance with Oracle. We have installed in our data center an Oracle platform, which is connected with the Oracle cloud. This allows us to offer hybrid solutions in our cloud and in the public Oracle cloud as well (Oracle IaaS, Oracle DBaaS and Oracle WebLogic).

And last but not least, we want to highlight the certifications and awards that we have achieved year by year, both those given to our enterprise and those to our employees. For example, NetApp has certified us as one of the 3 partners that offer BaaS solutions in a certified platform. We have had to win more than 100 homologation points to achieve such certification.

There are a lot of landmarks that have marked a turning point in the history of our company. This year, we have achieved the first customer of the private sector, the first alliance with a partner, the growth staff – which helps us to be more strong and competitive –, the expansion of our points of presence, the Tier III certification, the implementation project of 2,000 workplaces with Microsoft virtual desktops, etc.


What has DatacenterDynamics event provided datacenter industry in the last 10 years?

DatacenterDynamics is a great opportunity for IT professionals to meet, network and explore topics related to data centers and cloud. Moreover, it is an excellent scenario to discover the last trends and news of data centers worldwide, and helps the companies to evolve and improve their services.

Personally, I have attended most of the editions, including the one held in London, and I think that is a huge discussion forum for the sector. It has a highly certified team always devoted to the interests of the companies that attend the show, both as exhibitors and visitors.


In your opinion, what will be the cloud and colocation trends in the following 10 years?

Companies will increasingly migrate their platforms to the cloud. From the three types of cloud (public, private and hybrid), the hybrid cloud will earn power, because it takes advantage from the public and private ones.

On the one hand, the public cloud does not require an initial investment or a maintenance payment. On the other hand, the private one allows the companies to have a self system platform to collect and manage their most critical applications.

In general, companies will prefer to host their cloud in third-party data centers, because it spares them costs.

IT departments of the enterprises search for the conversion and inversion for service (CAPEX versus OPEX). They also want to take advantage of the development agility and the platform agility that a cloud provider can provide them, always taking into account security and legal issues. In this sense, one must analyze how can Brexit affect to the clouds installed in the UK, what legal issues will they follow, etc.


How do you imagine the future in 2027?

The scope of cloud computing will be to continue rising and transforming our lifestyle. Specialized services will expand and storage services in the cloud will consolidate.

The prices will continue descending and, consequently, the main challenge will be providing added value to the payment services. Payment for use will continue growing. In 2027, the main public cloud providers will be Google, Amazon, Oracle and Azure.

On the one hand, customers will continue counting with the support of intermediary enterprises to manage different providers, because each of them has its particular characteristics, both in the platform and the management.

On the other hand, there will be pure cloud providers such as Mediacloud that will offer this service and that will solve specific problems of specific sectors, because we will give proximity and capillarity, things that a global provider cannot provide.


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