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Welcome to the digital revolution. Welcome to the hybrid cloud!

Hybrid Cloud
Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos

Last 27th April was held the Hybrid Cloud Day in our hall in Barcelona, in this event our partners Cisco, NetApp and Microsoft invited us to know reference architectures, solutions and a reliable vision of the Hybrid Cloud. Moreover, we had the privilege to present Mediacloud as a success case.

Due to the Internet use and the mobile phone popularization companies had to adapt themselves to a transformation that affects not only to the purchasing behaviour of consumers but also to the internal way of working. Many companies have adopted from the beginning the digitalization process but some haven’t done it yet and they are falling behind.

A lot of traditional companies haven’t taken the decisive step to digitalization because they have many questions that need an answer. Hybrid Cloud Day’s aim is to solve their doubts and get rid of any fears that companies could have.


The first one to speak about Hybrid Cloud was Joan Balagué, Cisco’s Systems Engineer, who explained us why companies should choose a hybrid cloud. According to Joan, a company’s digital transformation is the modification of its business model so that the information technologies are fundamental and allow us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of our competitors. Furthermore access to a hybrid cloud is an essential element for a company’s digital transformation.

In accordance with Joan, the main steps to follow in order to do a correct digital transformation are:


Afterwards we could also discover different solutions that Cisco together with Microsoft and NetApp can provide us.

The next one was Javier Martínez, NetApp’s CTO. He spoke about hybrid cloud and explained us his company’s aim: be a provider that facilitates data’s portability between different kinds of cloud not only private but also public cloud.

Javier also told us which features should have a private cloud: flexibility and efficiency and showed us NetApp’s solutions that make easier for customers to adopt cloud.


Before getting to know different success cases, Diego Gómez, Microsoft’s PMM Cloud & Enterprise answered us this question: What causes a company to take the first step towards digitization? According to Diego, tension drives to a change, we all want our systems to be agile and stable and the hybrid cloud can give us these features while providing us an added value.


Finally, Diego described Azure’s advantages and the Operations Management Suite’s capacities and gifted all the attendees 1.500 $ free to try their Azure public cloud and to avoid excuses to start their journey to the cloud.

At the end of the session, Alejandro Romero from ING Direct and Gustau Serra and Sergi Martinez from Mediacloud, presented their experience in cloud as a success cases.

Thanks to the Hybrid Cloud Day companies could solve their doubts, know Cisco, NetApp and Cisco services and get to know two different success cases in digital transformation.


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