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The CISO, a figure increasingly in demand

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At present the risks related to information security are on the rise, so companies have decided to watch their backs and protect their most precious treasure: their information. This is where the roll of a Security Officer appears, the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

Nowadays the CISO has become one of the most demanded profiles in companies. Their function is very clear: they have the aim to protect the information during possible cyber-attacks, which is their priority. Another point to keep in mind is their salary, which is getting louder. It is not an easy profile to find, and even more difficult, to retain them in companies.

Their tasks?

CISO is in charge of the detection and the analysis of the company’s weaknesses, managing and monitoring the access control of company information. They also have to plan disasters and be able to respond to possible incidents so that the operation of companies is not affected. Since 2014, the demand for this profile has practically doubled.

Which certifications do I need to be CISO?

In order to be responsible for the Information, some internationally recognized certifications of computer security are required, such as the Certification of Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certification in Risks and Control of Information Systems (CRISC) or Certification In Information Security Management (CISM), among others.

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