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Most of the Spanish companies use the cloud

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More than the 70% of the companies use the cloud to store their data. This is one of the conclusions of a report leaded by Mediacloud about the use of cloud in the enterprises. However, the analysis indicates that the use of cloud as the only infrastructure is not widely established.

The 45% of the companies only uses the cloud partially, and the 27% totally. The 22% says that all the information is saved on the servers of the organization. The 36% of the companies with a part of their services stored in the cloud has there more than the half of the information (55%), whereas the 34% has less of the 40%.


IT companies are the most suitable for the cloud

The report highlights differences between geographical regions: the East companies are the ones which use more the cloud in a partial way (51%), and the ones based in the South usually have all the information in the cloud (27%).

Taking a look in the different sectors, one can see that the companies devoted to computing and telecommunications are the first ones to have all the information in the cloud (38%). On the other side, there are fabrication organizations, which usually save the information on the local servers of the enterprise (36%).


Proximity in the cloud era

Another important factor is the location of the cloud; about 1 in 2 companies has their technological infrastructure out of Spain. Besides, the 43% has the information lodged in Spanish companies. The 25% of the companies which have answered the survey do not know it.

Among the enterprises who use the cloud in Spain, stand out the South companies (55%) and the production companies (63%). On the contrary, among the ones who have the cloud abroad, stand out IT companies (44%) and companies related to communication and advertisement (35%).

In that sense, it is important to emphasize that proximity is a key issue in the cloud era. Unlike big multinationals, pure cloud providers such as Mediacloud provide a customized service, and we are ready to solve specific problems of specific sectors.

As our CMO, Xavi Morrus, said in an interview for Datacenter Dynamics, enterprises like Mediacloud, “we will give proximity and capillarity, things that a global provider cannot provide.”


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