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Cloud DNA

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Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

Did you know that over 2/3 of business already have applications running on their premises that access information in pubic clouds? And did you know that nearly 3/4 say it’s important for on premise and public cloud applications to have the same user experience?

In other words, there is a growing awareness of how public and private cloud resources need to work together. Cloud is next enterprise IT operational model and last thrusday, 7 July, we could discover it thanks to the Oracle’s real case.


In the event, Oracle showed us how it wants to help its customers in their digital evolution to the hybrid cloud, that means an evolution where on premise (systems located in the companies), local cloud (through its partners) and its public cloud live together.

After an introduction, Álvaro Travesí showed us Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. To start with, he explained the different cloud services models and cloud deployment models that you can find. He also talk about the incompatibility that we can find nowadays between public and private cloud because of their architectonic and how Oracle has achieved bring them together.

Furthermore, Luis Millan talked about cloud evolution. He explained that at the beginning there was only public cloud, followed by a private cloud until it reach to hybrid cloud. After it, he talked about these 3 kinds of cloud and what Oracle offers for each one.

During the second session, Miguel Ángel Regidor explained the importance of cloud security and how we could build a fortress to protect our data thanks to Oracle. Before the partner’s panel, Pedro Cerdeira talked about the storage that Oracle provide, its added value and the storage services that Oracle provides.

Oracle Hybrid Porfolio cloud

At the end of the event, the partner’s panel was conducted. There, Telefónica, BT and Mediacloud explained the services which they are developing and their strategies to the cloud with Oracle.

We are very happy for attending the event because we have been able to know different cloud models of consumption, how to protect our data thanks to the convergent infrastructure and true stories about the cloud and their services.


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