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A new virus through Bluetooth that affects millions of devices

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Having the mobile bluetooth on can be very dangerous. Computer security company Armis has discovered vulnerability in at least five billion devices. Its name is BlueBorne, and can break security on devices with Android operating system, iOS, Windows and Linux.

According to the company, with this virus “unlike traditional malware or attacks, the user does not have to click on a link or download a questionable file. No user action is required to allow the attack”.

The virus acts very quickly and without the user noticing anything. The malware spreads from an infected device that, when close to a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled, enters without permission and can control or steal device data, as well as install unwanted applications.

In fact, the infiltration process takes less than a minute. In spite of its potential danger, we have to be alarmed. Technological companies are correcting all these problems as they are discovered. In addition, we can prevent ourselves by turning off the bluetooth when we do not use it.

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