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Microsoft gives Mediacloud’s CTO the MVP Award

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Our chief technology officer, Sergi Martinez, has received the MVP Award by Microsoft. The company gives the award to the most valuable leaders from the technical community who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to share their knowledge and to provide right and selfless answers to technical questions about Microsoft’s products and technologies trough forums, news groups and public communities. (Click here for more information)

MVP Award

Here you have the interview done by us in order to know Sergi’s feelings after to receive the award:

What is Microsoft’s MVP Award?

This is an awards which is given yearly to participants who have most experience and provide a higher value to Microsoft.

What are Microsoft’s criteria for giving the award?

An MVP person, a Microsoft worker or certain important personalities for the Microsoft community make an initial proposal. Then, Microsoft compare all de proposals of the same category and decides what is the person who deserves the award.

What has meant for you obtain the award?

For me, this award is a recognition for the well done job. But, I want to clarify that this is not Sergi’s well done job, this recognition is thanks to Mediacloud. This award is for all my team because together we have helped to Microsoft to develop new solutions within the data center range of products.

What does the award bring to your clients?

This award indicate an important thing: we are in line with the architecture and with the standards of Microsoft. It means that Mediacloud’s job is based on a continuous innovation searching the best quality and guarantee for our services.

What does involve to Mediacloud enter to Microsoft community?

Thanks to take part of Microsoft community, we can participate directly with the product groups not only in data centers area but also in a series of solutions where Microsoft seek advice from MVPs.

It is important for us to may have an influence on Microsoft especially because this the kind of manufacturer that hear the people. In the other hand, thanks to be a member of Microsoft community, Mediacloud may be better known and, in addition, we could know, before than others, the latest updates of Microsoft and it is something positive for us.


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