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Mediacloud joins the VMware vCloud Air Network

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We are glad to announce that we have joined the VMware vCloud Air Network as an Enterprise-level Service Provider. The vCloud Air Network provides organizations with VMware-based enterprise-class security and infrastructure compatibility, with the freedom to readily move workloads among private, public and hybrid clouds.

Using proven technology customers already use in their existing data centers, vCloud Air Network Service Providers can accelerate their business growth by offering customers trusted and secure public and hybrid cloud services.

“Being a partner of VMware is a huge advantage for Mediacloud because it allows us to offer to our customers more and better solutions,” highlighted Gustau Serra, CEO of Mediacloud.

As a partner, we offer services validated by VMware based on prescriptive technical requirements to ensure the security, reliability, performance  and trust.

“We welcome Mediacloud to the vCloud Air Network, which enables customers to easily and securely extend their data centers to the cloud, using the same trusted infrastructure they’ve been using on-premises,” said VMware. “Since 2008, we have been working with the service provider community to provide customers with a simple and flexible path to the cloud, and we are pleased to have Mediacloud as a part of this global network.”

The vCloud Air Network supports customers with increased service flexibility, greater options for global cloud services and the choice of local vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners in more than 100 countries globally.


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