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Mediacloud and Santander executives talk about the role of technologies in business

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José Carlos Orozco, CIO of Santander España, and Gustau Serra, CEO of Mediacloud, met on the III National Congress of CIO’s, organized by the Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección (APD), a Spanish discussion forum. Orozco and Serra talked about the current impact of new technologies on business.


New technological roles

Orozco explains that creating new businesses based on technology means the incorporation of people and teams devoted to technology in order to understand how it works and its real impact on business. In this sense, he highlights the importance of working “to reduce processing time and to ensure the strength, the flexibility and time to market”.

“The incorporation of new roles is a challenge in the market because all the companies are looking for similar profiles”, says Orozco.


Big Data and business

Financing entities such as Santander have traditionally worked with huge amounts of data, but the ancient infrastructures “were not prepared enough if we compare them with the current ones”, explains Orozco. “Nowadays, the available computing allows us to analyse worldwide trends”.

However, he considers that, in order to contribute value to clients, the information provided by Big Data has not to be seen like an “intrusion”, because it can be counterproductive.


The problems of the current regulation

New technologies are a tool that makes work easy but, at the same time, they can be a barrier to keep on working.

Orozco considers that “there are often contradictions between different regulations”. For instance, baking institutions must maintain tax reporting about their customers, but the Data Protection Regulation provides data subjects with the Right to erasure (the “right to be forgotten”).

In spite of these limitations, the CIO of Santander España says that “the aim is to protect the customer and to to contribute value to business”.


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