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How to create an indecipherable password?

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They say that there is no password in the world that is indecipherable, although it is true that we can create an almost perfect password. Moreover, we have to keep in mind basic rules that a perfect password should follow. The first one, and also the most important, it must be very easy to remember; and the second one, we take a careful look at length. They recommend a minimum of twelve characters. Therefore, the use of words has several factors of risk: short extension and facility to be found in a dictionary.

To solve these problems we can use the Diceware method, that uses a simple technic but it is safe at the same time. This method, made up by Arnold G. Reinhold, only needs a dice with six faces to generate numbers and words that will posteriorly compose the password. But why is this method so reliable and secure?

The answer is simple, it is because it answers two basic concepts: on the one hand the password becomes unique and unrepeatable, and on the other hand it is random, so it does not follow any pattern. For this reason, experts ensure that passwords made up with this technic can only be decipherable by the most important governments’ agencies.

¿How can we do it? We need to roll the dice five times to get a five-digit number, for example, 63325. We will do this action six times more.

Let’s suppose that it comes out this combination:


Now, we have make groups of 5 with the numbers, starting from the left:







Let’s continue, we search in the list the corresponding word to each number:

63325 – click

12245 – 274

36233 – joyful

12154 – 243

62213 – sirga

66431 – gypsum

For this reason, the password will be this (with spaces between each word):

Click 274 joyful 243 sirga gypsum

According to Reinhold, a six word password can be discovered by an organitation with many resources and money, but a password composed of seven or more words will not be decipherable by any kind of technology until 2030.

What are you waiting for before rolling the dice?

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