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How can your company avoid a cyber-attack?

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Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are on the agenda. They have become a global delinquency that does not seem to disappear overnight. For this reason, cybersecurity is a key for combating this threat. In fact, the cyberattack ‘Wanna Cry’ revealed the big problem that we are not facing and the need for new and powerful security measures in companies.

The annual economic losses caused by these types of threats amount to 400 billion dollars. Before this, the experts did not take into account that the most effective antidote before the cyber-attacks is to make backups of the information. Companies handle a lot of information and that’s why they are in the spotlight of cybercriminals.

Here are some tips to keep your company away from being the victim of a cyberattack:

  1. Update the computers. You have to make sure that your computers are up to date and have a modern and updated antivirus installed.
  2. Secure passwords. It is important that you change your passwords and generate secure passwords, as we taught you in a previous post: How to create an indecipherable password?
  3. Employees trained. It is also necessary for companies to have staff with sufficient training to deal with any computer attack.
  4. Monitor with email. Email is one of the easiest places for hackers to attack us. If an employee opens an infected email, it will quickly affect the entire company. That’s why you have to be careful about emails with suspicious attachments.
  5. Backup. To avoid the loss of information, it is necessary that you always have a backup copy of all the information for anything that could happen.
  6. Do not download from unsafe sites. Do not download any software from untrusted sites.

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