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Five key concepts about Big Data

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Some time ago we talked about Big Data, its uses and types. We also told you what the 4Vs are (volume, velocity, variety and veracity). In this post, we will go a bit further and we will delve into some key concepts in order to understand how it works.


1. Big Data Technologies

Software is needed when processing and analysing huge amounts of information. There are a lot of tools, but the majority of them are based on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), a distributed, scalable, and portable file system.

HDFS is written in Java for Hadoop, a framework which allows applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of information.


2. Real Time or Fast Data

This concept is related with the capacity to obtain data in real time, that is, at the same time it is generated. Streams occur at thousands of times per second.

Besides the high frequency data intake, this concept also includes the capacity of processing and decision-making as quickly as possible.


3. NoSQL

NoSQL (“not only SQL”) comprehends a huge rank of database management systems that are distinguished because they do not need static structures such as tables. On the contrary, they are based in other storage systems like key-value, column mapping or graphs.

Unlike the traditional storage methods, NoSQL allows to manage a huge amount of information and avoids bottlenecks. Moreover, it doesn’t require computing, so it enables cost savings.


4. Data Analytics

A fundamental part of working with massive data is Analytics. This process consists of inspecting data series in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain.

Analytics allow companies to custom their services or products. Consequently, Data Analytics has increased decision-making and has made easier the commercial strategy of the companies.


5. Cloud Computing

Cloud is a key sector when working with Big Data, because it allows to process huge amounts of information. Moreover, it is a high-performance system which doesn’t require the installation of specific hardware.

Cloud Computing is, in short, a cheap, fast, comfortable, accessible and secure system. Companies increasingly use it: in 2019 it is expected that, near 100% of the companies will acquire information from the cloud related to their business.


Do you know any other concept related with Big Data? Write your comment below, we will glad to read your remarks.


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