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Find out what kind of cloud is better for your company

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Recently we explain you in this post what is Cloud Computing and we also talk about its different levels and kinds. Today we are going to quote further and we are going to talk about each kind of cloud in a more detailed manner in order to help you about what cloud is better adapted to your company’s needs.

As we explained, the companies use Cloud Computing technologies increasingly for their advantages, flexibility or cost savings are examples. We have to take in mind that not all companies could use the same type of cloud, depending on the intended use, where the applications are installed and which customers could use them, companies will hire one kind of cloud or other.

Kind of cloud

Public cloud

When a company hire this kind of cloud, it has to know that the services offered are located in external servers in which you can access from a public network as Internet.

Kind of cloud-Public cloud

Advantage: The processing and storage capacity without requiring to install machines on-site, therefore, initial investment and payment for maintenance is not necessary. Companies will pay per use.

Disadvantage: Third parties or companies have access to shared servers and applications and we have a dependence on online services, in other words, to Internet.

Private cloud

This cloud is intended to companies who want to increase the security and the privacy of their data because this cloud doesn’t normally to offer a services to third parties.

Kind of cloud-Private cloud

Advantage: This cloud is ownership of the company who use it, in other words, the company is the owner of the server, the network and the disk. Thanks to it, the company has the control of the cloud and it decide which users are authorized to use the infrastructure.

Disadvantage: The main disadvantage is that the company will have to make an initial investment for a physical infrastructure, virtualization systems, bandwidth and security. Furthermore, the company will be in charge of guarantee the system’s scalability and maintenance.

Hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud take advantage of public and private cloud. Companies who hire this kind of cloud want to apply the public part for non-critical applications and the private cloud for more critical applications. This allows the company to control its main applications.

Advantage: The initial investment is more moderate than private cloud and the company could take account under request with SaaS, PaaS or IaaS.

Kind of cloud-Hybrid cloud

Now, you know more characteristics of each kind of cloud. We hope that it be easier decide which kind of cloud is better adapted to your company’s needs. Even so, if you have some doubt, feel free to write a comment or send us an email: info@mdcloud.es.



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