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Energetic efficiency: a corporate and social challenge

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We are one of the Spanish companies with more energy efficiency. In this article we explain you which indicators and systems prove it. We also tell you how we work day by day in order to improve our efficiency, a key issue to reduce costs and offer an optimal service.


Mediacloud has an effective PUE

PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is one of the main indicators used in the cloud industry to measure the energetic efficiency of the data centres. It is a unit of measure which calculates the total ratio of energy consumed and destined to the TI equipment as well as to the lighting and cooling systems, among others, divided by the energy consumed by every TI equipment. 1.0 is the reference value for a 100% efficiency.

PUE value can change because of different factors: the climate, the electric redundancy level, the climate control, the electric system efficiency and the occupation and capacity of the data centre.

The data centres based in Barcelona usually have a PUE level between 1.8 and 2.5. Mediacloud’s PUE level is much more optimal: we currently have 1.42 points. “This means we are, at least 40% more efficient than the rest of the companies”, explains Mediacloud’s CMO, Xavier Morrus. “The rest of the energy is used to power TI systems, which only work when necessary”.

“The more machines we have, the more efficient we are”, assures our Service Manager, Carlos Maraña. In this sense, he highlights that Mediacloud has recently bet on more and better machinery and servers.


An innovative and green energy system

One of the key factors to maintain a good PUE level is the energy system of the data centre facilities, which need certain temperature and humidity conditions in order to ensure the proper functioning of the computer system. It constitutes the main energetic cost.

As explained by Maraña, our facilities are located on the technological 22@ district of Barcelona. They are equipped by a centralised air conditioning system, based on two main standards: technological innovation and environmental commitment.



Data centre of Mediacloud in Barcelona.


The system takes water from the sea, which is taken to the power stations. Water is cooled and heated, and then distributed to the district buildings, such as Mediacloud, thanks to a subterranean plumbing system. It is a closed circuit with more of 15 kilometres.

Compared to other systems, one of the main advantages of the centralised air conditioning system is the reduction of environmental costs. Thanks to this system, toxic emissions are reduced, and the noise and vibrations produced by the boilers are ended. Moreover, it is cheaper and easier to maintain.

In addition, we have chillers, automatic devices that cool water if the 22@ system ends. Therefore, we ensure an efficient and uninterrupted service.


Mediacloud’s data centres ensure business continuity

“The most important thing for a data centre is to continue working despite of any incident in the air conditioning system, in the electric infrastructure or in case of fire”, highlights Morrus. In order to ensure business continuity in any of these circumstances, our data centres are certified with Tier III by Uptime Institute.

Uptime Institute certifications go from I to IV, depending on the reliability level of the data centres. Particularly, level III is for concurrently maintainable centres, and it ensures the availability of the service in a 99.982% of the cases. We are one of the eight Spanish enterprises with this certification.

In this sense, our data centre facilities have a double line of electric distribution and cooling, so, if a line breaks down, the other one will continue working. Besides, our facilities are designed in order to ensure the availability of the service in case of maintenance services, with no necessity to stop the CPD. We have enough capacity and distribution to carry out maintenance activities in a line while the other one works.


All these measures are a key element of the corporate values of Mediacloud. As a part of Mediapro Group, we have teams entirely devoted to the energetic efficiency. Beyond improving the performance and the quality of our services, betting on efficiency means social and environmental commitment.


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