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Do you know the advantages of cloud computing?

ventajas del cloud computing
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Cloud computing has marked a milestone in the relationship between people and machines. ‘The cloud’, as it is known colloquially, improves the companies’ productivity and makes them more effective in their work.

It offers them the possibility of using services in the network without having the infrastructure necessary. Users have the option to access quickly and efficiently to their information without having it stored in a computer.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

  1. Less costs. Surely it is the most significant advantage of cloud computing. With the use of the cloud, the company does not have to invest money in its own infrastructure and, therefore, can save up to 30%. They can also focus their time and resources in other things.
  1. Access from anywhere. As your information is not stored on a specific computer, you can access to all your information from any location or device.
  1. Speed. The application of cloud computing can be done in a few days, and from that moment you can start using it.
  1. Pay-per-use. With cloud computing you pay only for what you use. The company only pays for the services it hires.
  1. Always updated. Another advantage is that companies can enjoy the latest versions of the software and newer applications.
  1. More storage. Currently, the cloud offers virtually unlimited storage, compared to the capacity of a conventional computer.
  1. Security. In case of any failure we can lose all data. But using cloud computer, backups are done automatically in the cloud, so it is impossible to lose.

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