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Cloud migration checklist: basic guide

cloud migration
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Nowadays, more and more companies are starting cloud migration, that is to say, they are transferring the programmes, applications and services they need to a server where they can access from any device, wherever and whenever they are.

By 2018, large enterprises will double their adoption of private cloud services, says a survey by IBTimes. Here there are five steps to take into account before starting to migrate your platform to the cloud:


  1. What are your expectations? The first step when migrating to the cloud is to identify the needs and objectives of your enterprise, and to set goals on how to achieve them. Having a cloud allows you to access your information anytime and anywhere, to recover it in a critical situation, to improve your mobility, etc. Click here for more information.
  1. What programmes, applications or services are you going to migrate? Define which business units are going to be affected by the cloud migration. It is better to start gradually.
  1. What kind of cloud is better for your organization? There are three types of cloud: public, hybrid and private. In another post we tell you what kind of cloud fits better with your company. The most secure option is the private cloud.
  1. Which cloud company offers you the best service? If you choose a private or hybrid cloud, you will have to decide which vendor best fits your cloud strategy requirements. In Mediacloud we walk with you all along your journey to the cloud, by using simple, agile and flexible infrastructure solutions.

These are the first steps to start cloud mifeRION. We will give you more technical details on how to do it soon.



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