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How to choose the right cloud provider?

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If you are thinking about migrating your platform to the cloud, you have probably found out a huge number of companies that offer cloud computing services. We know that choosing the right one is not always easy, so we have prepared this article for you. Here you will find some advises that will help you to choose which cloud provider best fits your needs.

Kinds of cloud providers

There are some kinds of cloud providers, depending on the degree of dedication to this service:

Pure cloud providers
  • Cloud is the core business
  • Agile and flexible services
  • Chance of self-service
  • National and international dimension
Global integrators
  • Professional services beyond the infrastructure
  • Flexibility and adaptation to specific needs
  • International dimension
Telecommunications operators
  • Experience and capacity on services management
  • Mobility and communications
  • International dimension
Manufacturers of solutions
  • They are also Paas and Saas providers, and they often offer integral solutions
  • Global dimension

You will have to choose a pure cloud provider or a global integrator according to the turnover and the goals of your enterprise.

Usually, pure cloud providers are nearby business and they offer you more personalized services than global integrators.


Economic & Legal Aspects

European Data Protection Supervisor advises to compare the features offered by different providers not only in economic terms, but also regarding “the contents of the service and the guarantees of quality and legal fulfilment that every supplier provides”.

In other words, it is important to know not only where your data is, but also where your providers are, because the legal conditions will probably change. Consequently, this can affect your data protection.


What is the applicable law?

The client of the cloud service is responsible for the treatment of its personal information, though this is stored and managed by an external company. Therefore, the regulation that is applied to the client and to the provider is the legislation from the customer’s original country.

However, it is very important to know where your data is, because depending on the country where it is, the legal conditions can change. According to this, there are two main zones:

  • European Economic Area countries (UE members, Island, Liechtenstein and Norway). These countries offer proper guarantees to protect your data.
  • Non-European Economic Area countries. There is international transfer of data. Each country must provide the proper legal guarantees.


What are the applicable security measures?

The cloud supplier must provide a minimum of security measures in order to stand behind the integrity of personal data. It must also guarantee that the information will be recovered in case of emergency.

According to the criticity of the data, the minimum required security differs:

cloud provider

The cloud provider must have a suitable security certification that assures the data confidentiality. In case of any security incidents, the supplier must report them immediately.

Finally, the supplier must guarantee the portability of the information to the own customer’s information systems or to a new cloud provider.

We hope that all these tips have been helpful for you in order to decide what supplier of cloud to choose. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.



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