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A new virus through Bluetooth that affects millions of devices

Having the mobile bluetooth on can be very dangerous. Computer security company Armis has discovered vulnerability in at least five billion devices. Its name is BlueBorne, and can break security on devices with Android operating system, iOS, Windows and Linux. According to the company, with this virus “unlike traditional malware or attacks, the user does […]

How can your company avoid a cyber-attack?

Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are on the agenda. They have become a global delinquency that does not seem to disappear overnight. For this reason, cybersecurity is a key for combating this threat. In fact, the cyberattack ‘Wanna Cry’ revealed the big problem that we are not facing and the need for new and powerful security measures in […]

Excellent certifications endorse Mediacloud


Mediacloud has the best technological infrastructures, a cutting-edge datacentre and a team of professionals highly skilled. However, all this is not enough for us. We are a demanding company, so we need official certifications which demonstrate our excellence. That is why we have written this post: we tell you what certifications and awards demonstrate the […]